Our core values mean that we firmly believe in supportive communities. We want to bring people together and improve shared experiences.

Battlestations mission is to educate, entertain, and communicate. We believe in the importance of human experience and connection. We use digital media as a form of engagement, helping people to better understand their own experiences, connect with their sense of purpose, and inspire themselves to achieve agency. Instead of focussing on the negative impacts an over-dependence on technology can bring, we choose to invest our energies in helping people to use digital tools to better connect with a positive lifestyle in the real world. This is why we are the natural choice for anyone looking to expand their service provision to reach people in new and innovative ways. 

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing, both physical and mental, are so important! That's why we keep this key to all our work, and strive to promote healthy habits.


Gaming is for everyone, which is why we're committed to keeping our experiences as accessible and adaptable as possible. We strive to improve access continually!





As Scotland’s first portable Digital experience, we are committed to providing top quality events with our customers at the helm.


To best achieve this, we offer a range of packages to suit different needs. From corporate team building exercises to kids’ birthday parties, we have a package that can work for you. All of our event services are focussed around social inclusion, community, and team-work, and we’ll happily create a tailored package for you based on your specific needs, wants, and gaming preferences.

Battlestations Ltd. firmly believe in strong education, allowing people to experience things in new and innovative ways. With the face of digital technology changing rapidly, we want to offer small and under-resourced providers the chance to make use of specialist equipment for education and training. We can hire-out technology such as VR headsets, gaming consoles, and PCs for showcasing education software packages- we are happy to showcase software you may already own, or we can buy in specialist packages upon request.

We also hire out our fully equipped ‘Battle Trailer’ which can be used as a portable classroom, study zone, field research station etc.

Please contact us to find out more.

Our experience of overseas tourism opportunities suggests a trend towards interactive and experiential tourism using digital technologies. VR reconstructions, interactive games, and research stations are springing up in engagement centres world-wide.

The South of Scotland region is unique in that many of the monuments and tourism attractions do not have permanent historic engagement centres, sometimes offering only static information boards despite fabulous and colourful histories which should be celebrated.

Battlestations Ltd are interested in the opportunity to partner with tourism providers and events groups to create pop-up experiences which benefit the south of Scotland tourism market- this could be a portable engagement centre for seasonal booking in our custom ‘Battle Trailer’ or something simple like transforming a space with equipment for hire.

If you represent a business or organisation looking to provide an innovative digital ‘pop-up’ then please get in touch with us on contact@bstations.co.uk

Battlestations Ltd. believe firmly in the provision of great mental health services, especially in rural and isolated communities where access to resources can be limited. Our suite of gaming consoles and specially curated packages of games for mindfulness are the ideal way to provide a ‘chill-out’ space at an event, in a busy public setting, or for a community organisation.

We are able to bring screens, consoles, and games into a pre-agreed space and set up a comfortable and well-managed zone where people can take time out to focus themselves or calm down. These kinds of safe spaces can be particularly helpful for people with complex needs such as autism, chronic anxiety, or similar conditions which can leave us feeling overwhelmed in a bustling atmosphere.

To learn more about the games we offer as part of our mindfulness and calming packages please click here; or to discuss how we could create a digital safe space at your event or location, contact us on Contact@Bstations.co.uk

Battlestations Ltd. Recognises the importance of history, heritage, and culture to communities across Scotland. Being in touch with and proud of our ancient roots can give us a much-needed boost of self-esteem and confidence. Battlestations are incredibly interested in helping to facilitate new and provocative experiences in education and tourism, allowing for individuals to interact with the unique heritage of South Scotland in creative ways.

Battlestations provide a range of specialist technology and gaming equipment, as well as an 8m x 4 m portable space which can be used for digital showcasing. We are currently seeking opportunities to partner with historic and tourism focussed organisations to create bespoke and unique packages which best represent the wonderful corner of Scotland we call home!
  For more information, or to discuss potential, please contact us on contact@bstations.co.uk

Battlestations offer our equipment packages or battle trailer for private hire. We are happy to work with you to tailor a package to your specific needs, tastes, and requirements. To enquire about a private booking, please submit some of your spcifications here and we will be in touch to discuss how we can create the perfect event to suit your occasion.

We are happy to offer an equipment for hire service, allowing you to hire out things like consoles (games preloaded), 40 " L.E.D TV screens, P.Cs with keyboards and mice, retro gaming equipment, old school TVs, and more. Download a full list of hirable equipment and prices here.

BattleStations offer bespoke virtual reality experiences which can be used in a variety of innovative ways. We have worked with clients to produce VR awareness training resources in which users put on a VR headset and find themselves in a scenario, which they can assess and evaluate as part of an awareness training programme. We achieve this by using 360 degree filming techniques and equipment, and working to the expert knowledge of our clients.

Derry JJ Rogerson 



I'm Derry, CEO of Battlestations Ltd. I have five years experience of working in the gaming industry, organising large scale events across Scotland and England. I'm an advocate for the positive role that gaming can play for people in terms of stress relief, mental well-being, and social spaces. That's what Battlestations is all about- bringing a healthy and well managed experience to rural Scotland. 

Contact: Derry@Bstations.co.uk

Greig Thin-Smith

Managing Director 

I'm Greig, Battlestations Managing director. I'm a Scottish Australian with a wealth of experience in events, an avid game-player, and also a master goldsmith! I think that games can give unique opportunities for people of all ages to let off steam and have some fun. I'm excited to see where things go with Battlestations, and really look forward to seeing new opportunities for people across Scotland- and hopefully changing attitudes and stigma surrounding gaming along the way!


Ruaridh Thin-Smith

Marketing Communitcations Officer

Virginia Thin-Smith

Owner of Blinkers Bar 

I'm Ruaridh and I'm a PR and branding consultant in Scotland's South-West. I run a small business called Snygg Public Relations, offering branding services to small businesses and community projects. I'm passionate about the role 'BattleStations' services have to play in creating safe social spaces for people living in rural and isolated parts of Dumfries and Galloway.



We are a small company operating Scotland's first portable digital experience for hire. We provide a specially equipped 'Battle-Trailer' complete with high spec gaming PCs, the latest consoles, and top quality screens to create unique 'pop-up' events taloired to you and your needs, BattleStations is a Dumfries and Galloway Family Run Business, In July of 2018 this just started out as an Idea and by December it became a reality!


Both directors Derry Rogerson and Greig Thin-Smith have over 6 years experience in events and the gaming industry, and both have a passion for helping their local communities and working with young people around D&G and hope to work with Scotland as a whole.

I'm Virginia- or Ginny as I like to be called. I run 'Blinkered Bar' which is a portable bar for events in an old converted horsebox. I love making new and exciting things from old materials and getting creative. I've done a range of things from events management to legal secretarial work, and also do the accounts for Battlestations... But I'm happiest running Blinkered Bar!


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