Our Battle-Trailer is the Optimus prime in Scottish mobile gaming and digital events, and to our knowledge its the only one, so why wouldn't you book it for your



We will roll up with our trailer and give you and up to 15 friends the experience of a lifetime. what we would require is a 10meter by 4.5-meter space of hard tarmac or concrete floor with access to a 30amp supply no further than 30meters away from the trailer. if in the event you selected venue does not have access to the electric supply there and multiple options that we can look in to

  • Option 1 we would provide a generator for an additional fee
  • Option 2 we can arrange to have a Fully certified Electrician come to your venue and temporarily fit a 30amp supply
  • Option 3 we would provide a venue local to your event that meets the requirements above

In addition, there will always be two members of staff with the trailer at any given time. They are there to ensure you and your guests get the most out of your experience. 


Capacity: 15, Ten battle stations are inside with the outer of the canopy available as a VR zone able for up to 5 people


Weight: 3.5 Ton


Length: 9 Meters


Width: 4.5 Meters

How it works

We offer hand-built, high specification desktop computers which are capable of handling some of the most intense immersive and visually appealing games and digital artworks. From standard platforms to engaging strategy games, we at Battlestations believe in the potential for digital games and experiences to work as tools and sign-posts to better lifestyles in real-time. 

To achieve this vision we have the following devices at our disposal:

  • 10 high spec gaming PCs (including monitors and peripherals)
  • 6 PlayStation 4 consoles
  • 2 PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) Headsets
  • 3 Xbox One consoles 
  • On board internet connection 

Its not all High tech!

We at Battle Stations understand the nostalgic yearning for the days of sitting next to the heater while smashing blocks on Mario sitting just 2 feet away from the screen... This is why we offer a retro games experience!

You can hire from a range of 'old school' TVs and gaming consoles such as:

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • Playstations 1 and 2
  • Spectrum ZX3

We have a range of old school games for the above consoles, as well as upwards of 500 games from the Atari Flashback, the Nintendo 64, and the Game Cube which can be played on modern devices.

Virtual Reality

Our virtual reality experience is available for all the typical gaming experiences, but we also use this technology to offer immersive mindfulness and relaxation packages designed to help people fully connect with a calming experience in a multi-sensory way. This can be helpful for people who suffer from complex mental health problems and struggle to fully engage with relaxation techniques without an accompanying sensory experience. To find 0ut more, please contact us here

  • Basic
  • £300 / 1.30hr
  • X10 Gaming Pc
  • Custome Invitations
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  • Pro
  • £400 / 3hr
  • X10 Gaming Pc + Virtual headsets
  • Custome Cake and Invatations
  • Goodie Bags
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  • Premium
  • £500 / 4hr
  • X10 Gaming Pc + Virtual headsets
  • Custome Cake and Invatations
  • Goodie Bags
  • BattleStations T-Shirt
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